Mission statement

Cloud Charge Network is an incentive-based energy-management platform that helps power providers - both traditional utilities as well as renewables - optimize their power demand posed by new devices, in particular plug-In hybrid / electric vehicles (PH/EV's)


Our team


Founder, CEO

HP is an energy economist, and a sought-after speaker on scheduling fleet PH/EV’s with solar power production (for which he developed a prototype) and on syncing home charging solutions when wholesale costs are lowest for power providers. As researcher with the Nebraska Community Energy Alliance he analyzed the economic impact of EV's on the state's economy; during this time he also, through his firm Evolution Advisory, guided fleet owners on transitioning to PH/EV’s and optimizing the economics of charging.

Previously HP was Managing Director at Scientific Crop Advisory, and an Executive at Balboa Capital. HP has a BA in Economics from San Jose State University.



Joe is a software engineer with 15 years experience in distributed systems architecture, mobile application development, and database systems. He has helped architect and develop large-scale e-commerce, financial trading, and medical information systems.

As a technical advisor, Joe has worked with several startups to help plan and develop their technical roadmap and offerings.

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